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July 2024 – Month of Joy Unspeakable

Welcome to JULY 


1 Peter 1:8 

The Christian life is one that must be experienced. We can try our best  to express to sinners why we love Jesus Christ so much, but they will  never understand until they experience the joy of salvation. 

Joy unspeakable is a profound and overwhelming joy that we cannot  express in words. It is a joy that overflows the believer’s heart and life.  It is a joy that is full of glory.  

We have not seen Jesus Christ face to face, heard His audible voice, or  felt his physical touch, yet we love Him. The world cannot comprehend  how we could love anyone this much without ever seeing them or  hearing their voice.  

Peter had seen Christ and knew well what it was like to hear His voice.  He experienced the unspeakable joy of knowing Jesus while He was  here on earth and after He ascended back to Heaven. His faith was made  strong by the converts who never saw Jesus but had the same joy of  knowing Christ as he did.  

Brethren my spirit has been refreshed in church services when God’s  children get so blessed that they shout for joy. Many times, no words  could express the working of the Spirit within our hearts. Sometimes, it  comes through a song or a sermon, but suddenly, our hearts are  overwhelmed by His goodness, and before we know it, we burst out  with a shout of joy unspeakable and full of glory. There are times, this  joy runs like a river through our souls, and we shed tears that no words  could ever express about how wonderful it is to know Jesus. My prayer  is that this Joy unspeakable will never leave us. We will not lose the joy  of salvation that we already have in Jesus Christ mighty name. Shalom.   

……Pastor Adeoti

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